‘Spiral’ (2007)

Are you looking for old school suspense? ‘Spiral’ (2007) might be the movie your looking to let under your skin.

When a Telemarketer calls, if you listen closely, you can usually hear a hundred voices behind them. All of them at once spouting the same pitch, struggling, even begging to be heard. Today’s recommendation tells the story of one of those distant voices. Someone who, if left to their own devices, would rather stay silent. Joel David Moore plays Mason, an antisocial young man stuck in the hyper-social would of telecommuting.

Mason isn’t just stuck in a job that showcases his inadequacies, He’s plagued by nightmares and literally has one friend in the world. That is, until the new girl in the office, Amber, (played to adorable effect by Amber Tamblyn) makes it her personal mission to bring Mason out of his shell.

Taking a note from Hitchcock, ‘Spiral’ is not a Gore-fest. In fact, volumetrically speaking, the blood to screen time ratio is close to zero. This works to the film’s advantage though, building suspense the old fashioned way, with atmosphere, solid performances, and top-notch directing.

If you do decide to give ‘Spiral’ a spin, do yourself a favor and don’t watch the trailer. As with so many ads today, it gives away far too much of the story.

TECHICAL NOTE: For some reason, the audio commentary by the filmmakers that is included on the DVD release for ‘Spiral’, was not included on the Blu-Ray edition.



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